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Exclusive Re-edition: Ferragamo F-80 Skeleton Watch

Exclusive Re-edition: Ferragamo F-80 Skeleton Watch

Recently, Ferragamo unveiled the exclusive re-edition of the iconic F-80 Skeleton watch with a sustainable strap.


You can clearly see the watch’s technological design with its automatic movement. It is viewable through the transparent case. A rounded edging encloses the distinctive twin Gancini emblem giving it a slender appearance.

Two subdued hues of blue and green are available as a reference to nature.


The creators use sustainable materials for the luxurious wrist strap of the unique watch. Ferragamo matched both models with specifically created cardboard packaging and a metal and wood case that is lined with recycled fiber. A watch cushion is also made of bioplastic.

The company’s transition to more environmentally friendly procedures goes beyond simply one specific initiative. Ferragamo hopes to shape the new future for the company by utilizing its years of expertise to develop new sustainable materials for usage in a variety of its goods.


Each color model is a limited edition of 200 pieces. You can buy the luxurious F-80 Skeleton now online from numerous authorized retailers.



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