Elegant Desk Set Cintano

Elegant Desk Set Cintano Review

Each desk is so much more than a usual piece of furniture. With the high-quality accessories from Sigel’s new Cintano desk accessory collections, this may be done in a particularly attractive manner. You may convey your personality by using things of the best quality with a stylish appearance. 

Why is it so special?

What makes Sigel unique? Novelty, elegance, and the inherent worth of high-quality goods made with a high degree of originality. Practical items become beautifully crafted and constantly intriguing.

Cintano X and S series

Cinzano X‘s real leather desk accessories are the pinnacle of elegance. These refined accessories stand out with their design and a harmonic combination of materials.

The Cintano S series from gorgeous imitation leather offers the same trendy vibe as the Cintano X series.  Both product lines are equally elegant. It is completely a matter of personal taste which one you select.

A desk pad, mouse pad, pencil cup, paperclip holder, pen tray, and Memocenter are all part of the Cintano set. Whether you pick a single item from the collection or the entire set, these items will lend an attractive touch to any workstation. The cost is not low: $715 for the entire set.

Furthermore, the sets differ from regular desk accessories by their distinctive, exquisite style and complex functionality.  You can order and get more information about the product here.

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