Electric cars- the future of car manufacturing

Electric cars- the future of car manufacturing

Global warming has become an enormous problem for our planet. The pollution, which is the catalysator of this process, is mainly provoked by air pollution, coming from our car’s exhaust pipe. But there is a solution to this problem, which is electric cars.

Why electric cars are the future?

Since a lot of scientists, almost precisely calculated how much time does Earth have left until it reaches the point of no return from the global warming disaster. Regarding this, humankind will be forced to find alternative ways of doing daily routines, such as driving. That alternate way and our possible salvation from the catastrophe are electric cars, and this trend is in exponential growth.

Why is that so?

If we compare the worth of the Ford and Tesla companies in June 2010 vs June 2020 we can see that Ford is worth around $38 billion in 2010, and Tesla is worth $1.3 billion back at that time. Now, in 2020, Ford is worth $28 billion, and Tesla is worth $256 billion. We assume this happened for 3 main reasons:

  • Traffic regularities,

In many countries, in the centers of big cities, only electric and hybrid vehicles are allowed, with other limitations toward “common” cars in the wider city area.

  • Political campaigns,

One of the main goals of most political campaigns is a green energy source, if those parties are elected it is ensured that the state will invest in this branch in terms of subsidies.

  • Price is getting more and more affordable,

Tesla announced that in a maximum of three years they will start producing electric cars in a price range of $20000-$25000

How to choose the right car?

Nowadays you don’t have to be crazy rich to afford yourself an electric car. The cheapest of this kind, currently on the market, is Mini Cooper SE with the price around $30000. Also, the car maintenance is something that you should take into account since you don’t have fuel cost, car registration is almost free of charge and in most of the countries, you can park anywhere for free. You can find more about choosing the right electric car here.



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