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El Mayor Extra Añejo Port Cask Aged Tequila Review

El Mayor Extra Añejo Port Cask Aged Tequila

The González family proceeds to make the luxurious tasty tequila for every occasion. This July their new premium release is coming.

Taste notes

The new tequila uses agave tequilana, commonly called blue or tequila agave as the production material. In addition, it was matured for 42 months in port barrels.

This is a stunning beverage that delivers an astonishing taste with each sip. The port casks infused the luxurious drink with delightful fruity and woody aromas that develop into a subtle agave aftertaste. It’ll undoubtedly become a beloved and standing-out product.


The manufacturer used only hand-selected plants gathered, as usual, in Jalisco. The completed product has a beautiful, golden hue and a very soft, harmonious aroma with touches of choco-cinnamon flavors.

Availability and price

Almost six thousand bottles will be on the market shortly. The recommended price of the beverage is $129.99. The limited edition will go on sale later in July

Visit the official El Mayor website to find out more about the Extra Añejo Port Cask Aged.



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