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Ecomobl M24 Pro Review

Ecomobl m24 pro

A new style of board is making its way onto the market: one that can genuinely go offroad. Today, we’re taking a look at Ecomobl’s M24 Pro, which is a total blast in terms of specifications and extreme strength.

This all-terrain board can handle more road conditions than a typical polyurethane-wheeled board.


The device is 55 pounds in weight. The M24 Pro has an independent double-spring suspension system that provides enhanced stability and stress absorption on hilly ground. The wood and fiberglass deck gently absorb vibrations at faster speeds.

The M24’s four brushless motors have fewer moving components and are easier to repair. The motors are housed in the wheel hub’s dead area for better protection while also giving it a cleaner, more powerful appearance, allowing you to comfortably climb hill slopes!

The item also has four different speed levels and four different braking modes, making learning a breeze! With 10-inch wheels, you can ride over anything without worrying about tire pressure!

To round up the list of impressive features, the M24 has a 2.4G wireless LCD remote and spotlights! With front, side, and rear positions illuminating up to 65 feet, the spotlights enable night riding.

Availability and pricing

Right now, the M24 Pro costs $2,377, which is not cheap, however, it is one of the best AT boards on the market for its price. You can order it on the Ecomobl website.



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