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Earrings Sets With Antique Diamonds Review

Earrings Sets With Antique Diamonds

If you are looking for diamond earrings but don’t want too much glitter, the soulful character of ancient gems put into modern styles is available in a variety of shapes.

New style, new life

At various pricing ranges, you may find earrings of all kinds and shapes.   Many of the designs pay homage to the look of settings and embellishments from the 19th century, while others breathe new life into the antique diamonds.

Our choice

Estate Diamond Jewelry developed a pair of Victorian-inspired earrings set in gold and silver.  The ancient diamonds with a special cut date back over a century. They are flat at the bottom and create a larger surface area for the stone’s brilliance. These are the kinds of earrings that never go out of fashion. In addition, you can pass them from generation to generation.

Mindi Mond New York designed a set of triple European cut diamond earrings with outstanding diamonds highlighting. This pair of earrings is appropriate for any occasion.

Megan Thorne’s Mosaic Post Earrings made of 18K white gold and set with antique dazzling diamonds are a delicate stud with a flowery vibe.

There are a lot more on the market.  Make your choice wisely and enjoy the soft sparkling of antique diamonds.



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