E-learning the school of the future?

E-learning the school of the future?

Since the pandemic of Coronavirus has been announced, everything that should be offline was put online, including school, so since then, we are facing that using of e-learning platform has become something normal.

About E-learning

E-learning can be defined as a process that is used for acquiring new skills or gaining knowledge by using adequate computer applications or software while learning it. Because of the technological boom in the 21st century, it is in common use as an alternative way of learning. However, recent circumstances, provoked by Coronavirus forced that whole learning at school process or any other type of learning, be transferred to e-learning platforms.

What about the future?

Even with vaccine coming into full use, as well as the situation is getting under control in many countries, the situation is still risky enough not to return everything as it should, especially indoor gatherings. Also, there is a 20% rise in the searches of the term “e-learning” in the last month of 2020, which indicates that the starting assumption is that everything will remain on e-platforms at least for this starting period of 2021. We think that this happened for 4 main reasons:

  • There is still not enough vaccines,
  • COVID-19 could mutate which will make the problem again,
  • Only vaccines are not enough (social distancing is still important to keep),
  • It has proven very useful.

Is this “new normal”?

For now, it is. The predictions are that less than half-world will receive the vaccine until the end of the second quartal of 2021. E-learning, as well as the platforms for it, proved very useful, not only to be an alternative but to consider that many things could be transferred online even in normal circumstances. You can find some more incoming trends in e-learning here.



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