DJI RoboMaster S1

DJI RoboMaster S1 Review

The RoboMaster S1 is a ground-based robot designed primarily for training. On the one hand, this is a classic “merch”, on the other, it is a truly full-fledged product that allows you to master the basics of programming in robotics.


RoboMaster S1 is one example of a DIY project. Previously, DJI and its partners launched the Ryze Tello compact programmable quadcopter. This was the first and quite successful experience of a drone manufacturer. Many teenagers and even adult pilots quite liked the idea of ​​mastering unmanned technology and programming.

RoboMaster Software

RoboMaster is also a kind of drone, only ground-based. The product looks like a tank with a high level of mobility, as well as a variety of additional elements, for example, 21 LEDs. You can use Scratch and Python languages ​​ for the robot’s programming. That is, there are a lot of opportunities for a future programmer here.

Specific Features

As for the rest of the features, you can control the RoboMaster S1 either from a smartphone, from a PC, or remote control. The robot tank has tons of interesting additional features, including 36 sensors, a 1080p camera with object recognition, and a blaster for shooting infrared rays or gel balls.

DJI claims that the average user will spend two to four hours assembling it. The product also includes 23 parts, a screwdriver for assembly, and 101 screws. Also, when assembling, you can use the instructional video.

You can buy it on the company’s site for $ 549. Don’t miss their top accessories for a better experience.

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