Dior Skate-Inspired Sneakers 2023

Dior Skate-Inspired Sneakers 2023 Review

Thibo Denis, a well-known footwear designer, provided a closer examination of the sneakers worn on the Dior Men Spring 2023 runway at Venice Beach, on his Instagram account.

The Collection

The footwear designer previously collaborated with Dior on the high-end boots for hiking, and now the two are introducing new unique sneakers. They are the part of the collection, named “California Couture,” which showcased outstanding and sophisticated looks.


The sneakers comprised magenta-colored chunky skateboard shapes with Dior’s insignia on the shoelaces.  The shoe upper is embellished with a Cannage technique with the same hue on the shoe tongue and other areas. A light blue version of the sneakers with slightly darker colors on the topstitch is also available.

A light blue and black variation of the new Dior sneaker is also available. They also have dark shades on the stitching elements. There are also beige suede sneakers with light shades of grey and fashion house trademarks. Khaki, brown, and pale purple colors of the sneakers are offered as well. The ERL x Dior Men’s Spring 2023 sneakers will be available shortly. You can find more information about the shoes and collection here.

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