Dior by Birkenstock Summer Sandals

Dior by Birkenstock Summer Sandals Review

The House of Dior and Birkenstock collaboration was one of the most significant and unexpected partnerships to emerge.


The new creative cooperation elevates Birkenstock’s iconic shapes, first shown at the Dior FW22 Menswear show.

Tokio Mule and Milano Sandal are two styles from the “Dior by Birkenstock” footwear collection. Birkenstock and Dior have created them together. Christian Dior’s love of gardening influenced the collection.

What’s new?

The pair of Milano sandals is similar to earlier Birkenstock models that have two top straps that buyers can fasten with contrasting black buckles bearing the Dior logo. The Tokio Mule features a toebox with a broader cover and uses straps and buckles to ensure the shoe fits comfortably. In order to adjust how tight the shoe is, the wearer can snap silver buttons that wrap around the ankle.

Availability and price

Black nubuck, calfskin, grey wool, and, specifically for the Tokio Mule, a “Greige” nubuck calfskin are among the several finishes available for the shoes. Particularly in the summer when people are looking for sandals and other summer footwear, the styles are versatile and go with practically any outfit. Search for your pair at Dior’s online, or examine Birkenstock’s site

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