Did COVID-19 Slow Down Climate Change?

Did COVID-19 Slow Down Climate Change?

Scientists have studied the impact of the pandemic on major climatic indicators. They found out that COVID-19 did not slow down climate change.

Decrease of emissions

According to the UN report, after a temporary drop, emissions have returned to levels seen before the pandemic. Its cause was mostly the global economic slowdown.

Climate change

Climate change is having an increasingly permanent influence on glaciers, oceans, and nature in general. It also affects the global economy, and people’s living conditions – states the report. COVID-19, according to the paper, hinders climate change monitoring through a global system of observations.

Future perspectives

Looking for future perspectives up to 2030, it has been estimated that global temperatures will only be 0.01C lower as a result of COVID-19.

Although the effects of climate change seem distant, scientists clearly state that humanity has only one decade to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

An important factor in achieving this mark is the change in our lifestyle. The coronavirus situation showed that this is possible. The reliable sources of information and the right incentives should help us in these changes.

Here you can read more about the state of the global climate.

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