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Cyb3rW3nch’s Futuristic Jewelry Review

Cyb3rW3nch’s Futuristic Jewelry

The growing jewel label based in NY, the USA, recently unveiled its new jewelry line.

Cyb3rW3nch is a  team that uses modern ways to create revolutionary and unique items. With the help of a 3d printer, they produce amazing jewelry. This new edition includes rings and ear studs among other products, that demonstrate a highly dynamic style.

Inside the collection

The new line is available to explore and uses gold and stainless steel as main materials. The Battle Axe Shield and other rings can be easily adjusted and are light in weight.  Numerous ear cuffs with mystical names are suitable to be worn on any of the ear’s areas. They express the high-tech contemporary concept. There are also nose decorations that are suitable to be stacked atop a pierced nostril.

Availability and price

The collection uses a digital model for jewelry demonstration. The Psychic Armor can be explored on Cyb3rW3nch’s website since March 15. The prices range from 150 to 175 dollars per item.



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