Crystal Pikachu from Baccarat

Crystal Pikachu from Baccarat Review

There is no way you don’t like Pikachu if you grew up watching Pokemon. The cartoon mascot is so cute, and is now accessible in the eye-catching amazing crystal form!

The glittering  Pikachu figurine commemorates Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. It is the product of a partnership between the brand and Bacarrat. The unusual miniature has wide extended arms and a recognizable tail.

Pikachu gained the status of a collector’s item. It represents Baccarat craftsmen’s exceptional know-how. The lovely item also has the “Electric” insignia. It shines brighter than ever to celebrate this historic anniversary.

The figurine, which stands 14.5 cm tall and weighs 950 gr, is not the sole outcome of the cooperation. The Pokémon combination includes a tiny Pikachu figure and a gold Poké Ball.

The 25-piece limited edition (each item valued at $25,000) is already sold out, according to the website. You can, however, try your luck and contact the nearest boutique to find one.

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