Cosmo-Inspired Tourbillon By Pharrell Williams

Cosmo-Inspired Tourbillon By Pharrell Williams Review

Richard Mille teamed up with Pharrell Williams to launch a limited edition watch dedicated to space. The price was astronomical – almost a million dollars. This timepiece is one of the 30 pieces that were launched after the brand teamed up with the musician.

The barrel-shaped RM 52-05 tourbillon case from brown cermet combines the lightness of titanium with the hardness of ceramic. The hands of the clock are reminiscent of the launching missiles masts. In addition, to give a feel of outer space, the interiors of the watch come in a mesmerizing blue aventurine glass.

The detailed image of an astronaut’s helmet looking from Mars to Earth deserves special attention. The craftsmen hand-painted the miniature drawing of the Grade 5 titanium helmet with several coats of enamel paint using an airbrush. Therefore, each drawing took 15 hours to engrave.

On the sides of the helmet, there are two elements in white gold with diamonds and black sapphires. The landscape of Mars, made of red gold, repeats the Mariner Valley with its many kilometers of canyon network.

In addition, the watch comes with an orange rubber strap and is 50 meters water-resistant.

Here, you can discover more about the item.

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