Chronext’s Advent Calendar

Chronext’s Advent Calendar Review

This year, Chronext, a luxury watch seller came to the scene with a new Advent calendar. It is bigger and more expensive than the previous Chronext edition.

Festive calendars

Such calendars have traditionally been a part of the Christmas season’s festivities. Not all of them, however, are the same. Some contain photographs, some have sweets, others have alcohol inside. The new Tiffany advent calendar has precious luxury jewelry items. However, a chosen few have expensive timepieces inside. The latter is the new Chronext’s ‘Collector’s Dream’ festive calendar.


The material of the calendar is wood. On the top of the wood, there is a layer of a black lacquer finish. It contains 24 lighted doors, with a great number of high-end timepieces behind them.

Among them are Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Black Panther and many more. In addition, it includes precious items from the world-known luxury manufacturers such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe, and others. 

Availability and price

This year’s model, which costs $2,603,600, is more expensive than the previous one.

This item can be purchased only if you made a request previously. Visit Chronext’s website for additional details.

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