Chevy Bolt EVs For Domino’s Delivery

Chevy Bolt EVs For Domino’s Delivery

The Chevy Bolt EV is the vehicle of choice for Domino’s deliveries due to its low cost and excellent performance.


In the 60s, Domino’s began offering pizza delivery services using a Volkswagen Beetle. The company pioneered the use of autonomous pizza delivery in 2015, conducting tests involving both automobiles and robotic systems. Given the advancements in automobile manufacturing, e – vehicles today make more sense than ever, the company is sure.


With its 100 specially branded electric Сhevy Bolt vehicles that will start showing up at some Domino’s locations in the USA this month and another 700 that will follow later, the company will have the country’s biggest electric pizza delivery network.


For delivery service, e-cars offer several benefits, such as long-lasting batteries, zero air pollution, cutting-edge safety equipment, and low maintenance costs. Even more, there will be no dependence on high gas prices. Additionally, the increased availability of electric cars makes it easier to recruit delivery men without personal means of transport.

Domino’s currently provides delivery services using e-bikes and scooters. The future of the company with e-vehicles looks bright and profitable.

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