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Caviar’s Gold AirPods Max Review

Caviar’s Gold AirPods Max

Caviar, a company that specializes in putting a luxurious twist on ordinary items, sells a gold” version of Apple’s AirPods Max headphones.


Though the original price of the AirPods Max headphones is high enough, the release of the Russian brand Caviar is an even more expensive version of these audio gadgets.

The deluxe version combines the sound of outstanding quality with an opulent design. The item is the quintessence of extravagance and elegance in perfect harmony.

The upgrade

The gold version of the headphones comes in 18-carat gold with crocodile leather accents. There are two gold rings with Caviar logos on the headband of each priceless item.

In total, a whopping 830 grams of gold have been used to produce just one gadget! Of course, Caviar did not expect the $ 108,000 earphones to be sold out in huge numbers. That is why the company has released only one pair of earphones of each color – white and black. Accordingly, the owner of an exclusive device can be sure that no one else has such earphones.

Availability and price

Priced at $107,690, only the “Gold Black” version of Apple AirPods Max earphones is available now on the company’s website.



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