Cartier Love Interlocking 2 Hoops Necklace

Cartier Love Interlocking 2 Hoops Necklace Review

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Luxury Closet

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Cartier Necklace

The necklace from Cartier’s Love collection celebrates eternal love. The chain uses 18k yellow gold as a material. Moreover, it holds two gorgeous linked hoops. There are also unique screw motifs that are a characteristic feature of the series. The necklace is finished with a   lobster clasp. This sought necklace is a wonderful investment.

It uses 18k Yellow Gold as a material and weighs 6.8 grams. It has a total length of 44 cm. This is an original and highly luxurious present for your beloved.

The item also includes The Luxury Closet Packaging and Authenticity Card and can be ordered here for a price of $2,090.

The shop represents luxury items that are no more on sale, are in great condition, and have a reasonable price. For more items, feel free to explore Luxury Closet shelves.

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