Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity Review & Pricing


Cards against humanity is a funny and addictive party game. It includes two decks of cards for asking and answering questions.

Best for

Party gaming.

Not for

People who dislike question-answer games.

The board game has very simple rules.There is a kid-friendly version of the cards – Family Edition.Some questions and answers on the cards are rather nasty.
There are numerous additional packs to supplement the main box.
You can’t win this game, its aim just to have fun.


$25.00 per product.

Additional info

  • There are special Canadian, UK, and Australian card editions that are not available in the USA.
  • You can make and print out your own deck of cards for free on the official game site.
  • Most people from all over the world will get the USA edition of the cards with their order.

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