Byredo's De Los Santos Collection

Byredo’s De Los Santos Collection Review

The De Los Santos perfume collection has been introduced by the Byredo brand this spring. The inspiration for the collection was the diversity of human cultures according to Byredo’s founder and creator.


Byredo is a luxury designer famous for its gorgeously distinctive aromas. These fragrances evoke feelings and memories along with unfurling notes. Its scents enhance the olfactory experience into an everyday admiration. Flowery and warm and spicy, sometimes even dark and smoky the perfumes possess outstanding quality and originality, Moreover, the brand provides a diversity of captivating fragrances.

What’s Inside

With its new collection, specifically, the brand emphasizes the importance of savoring life. Also, it appreciates one’s culture and honors personal memories.

The perfumes reminisce the passing of time. The purity of herbs pierces a fragrant cloud of musk. Iris and plum intertwine with the magnificence of amber.

In addition, the earthy tones have a unique charm. This collection is turning aroma into a new ritual of recollecting good memories. Even more, the name of the collection itself is a tribute to the Mexican holiday, which commemorates the life and its precious moments. The prices vary from $140 to $195 for bottles of different sizes.

Finally, apart from the new collection, Byredo offers a wide range of perfumes, cosmetics, skincare, and other products.

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