Bose QC45 Headphones

Bose QC45 Headphones review

The Bose QuietComfort line has received an update. The idea was to take the most popular headphones and bring them in line with modern realities.


Bose got the name of its founder, Amar Bose. Back in the late eighties, he invented the first noise-canceling headphones, and at first only pilots used them. In 2000 the company introduced the QC1 headphones. The model quickly became a bestseller in the United States, then in Europe, and other countries.

Bose QuietComfort has come a long way over the years. The latest model Bose QC35 became extremely successful.


The headphones are weightless and fit snugly on the head. All buttons are in the same places as in the previous model. On the left is the mode switch button, on the right are the volume control button, playback, and other functions. Finally, Bose now has USB Type-C!

The operating time is about 24 hours, but, of course, it all depends on whether the noise cancellation is turned on,  how often the modes are being switched, and so on. 

Contents of delivery

The item comes with a nice case, a 2.5mm – 3.5mm cable, USB Type-C, and an audio cable. It also has eco-leather ear pads. It is easy to change them if necessary. The headband is also trimmed with eco-leather.

Availability and price

You can order QC 45 in black or white colors for the price of $329 at the company’s site. For such money, you will get one of the best active noise-canceling systems on the market, great sound, ergonomics, adequate autonomy, and fast charging.

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