“B:Mine” - The Opulent Valentine Collection From Burrbery

“B:Mine” – The Opulent Valentine Collection From Burrbery

The new collection from Burberry, which promotes the ideas of love, has been recently released.

New line

This new line is a “celebration of love” –  the opulent fashion house says. It features carefully chosen types of footwear, handbags, and other items in pastel hues that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

In this line, the Horseferry logo and cherry flower patterns decorate the silk and cashmere pieces.

Design and items

The fashion house’s leather items appear in this line as purses, handbags, and wallets. All of them have the company’s remarkable sewing style. 

Finally, the Classic Sneaker version is present in this line, too. The brand also introduces a range of different footwear for all occasions featuring its famous monogram in this new collection dedicated to Valentine’s Day celebration.

Where to explore

You can give the new items a closer look and explore the collection at the official Burberry Instagram page.

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