Blue Label Lunar New Year Whiskey

Blue Label Lunar New Year Whiskey Review

Johnnie Walker has launched a limited-edition Blue Label 2022 whiskey to honor the approaching Lunar New Year of the Tiger.

Those born in this year are energetic, adventurous, brave, fearless, generous, self-confident with a sense of justice and a willingness to aid others.

In addition to great content, the look of the bottle is stunning. Shan Jiang, a Chinese artist, produced the pictures on the bottle and packaging. Moreover, he depicted a dangerous tiger with wings sprouting from its back in meticulous gold detail among the sky ascending towards a thriving contemporary megalopolis.

The magnificent artwork honors the Tiger as a symbol of power and growth. So, the beautiful animal represents our strength when we walk together. It also foretells good prosperity for everyone in the coming year.

The whiskey has 40% AVB. Every bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label contains rich fruity flavors, well-balanced smoke, and a fantastic depth.

With the new limited-edition whiskey you may toast to wealth and good fortune this Lunar New Year.

The 1-liter bottle will set you back $370. You can find more information on the item here.

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