Best WhatsApp alternatives

Best WhatsApp alternatives

With the scandal about WhatsApp user policy changes recently broke out, there were many doubts raised, some of them even claim that “privacy is officially dead on WhatsApp”, and the start of the search for its alternative began.

Why try an alternative?

With the new user policy announced by Facebook, many of your private data will become available to WhatsApp provider (you can find more about the policy itself in our last article here), and also one of the things why WhatsApp is so popular is because of its very secured privacy with end-to-end encryption is come to an end. If you don’t want your data such as phone number, location… be at their disposal, we suggest you to start using some alternative ways of chatting.

The alternatives

There are many alternatives for chat application available there on market, but we suggest these three:

  • Viber,

Viber should be used in this “transferring period” since it is one of the most used chatting application after WhatsApp. However, it is not a long-term solution, because, same as WhatsApp, it has data privacy issues (collecting your data), sometimes it even can, in the middle of use, to ask you for camera or location access, out of nowhere, as well as it is very much inconsistent with its commands. Also, it is overcrowded with ads.

  • Telegram,

Could be a solid solution, but they have also announced that they will start with advertising, which de-facto, considers user’s data collecting. Also, the end-to-end encryption is not turned on automatically, and you have to turn “secret chat” for every chat individually to use it.

  • Signal,

Signal is probably the best alternative currently available. Even Elon Musk himself suggested starting using it. It is an open-source application, and its provider is a non-profit organization, which is financed by donations. About its security, speaks the fact that many governments are already using it because of this for quite some time.

Your decision

Anyway, you can make your decision by the 8th of February, because it is the deadline when you must decide whether you will accept or refuse the new policy (until you don’t accept it you can’t use WhatsApp). If you don’t like any of our suggestions, you can find more alternatives here.



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