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Berd Vay’e’s Checkmate Collection Review

Berd Vay’e’s Checkmate Collection

The Checkmate collection by Berd Vay’e will appeal to watch lovers, art and décor aficionados, antique collectors, and chess fans alike.

The collection

Berd Vay’e is a  brand that integrates rare components of old timepieces in unique Lucite sculptures. Recently, it created Checkmate, a new chess-themed horological art series. The Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, and the Grand Master King, the largest and hardest to make at 18 inches tall represent this six-piece set.

The brand

While growing up in the former Soviet Union, Berd Vay’e’s founders developed a love for chess.  Their interest in horology blossomed alongside their love for the game. The Checkmate series strives to combine the complexity and strategies inherent in both chess and timepieces making together.

Features and materials

The authors handcrafted each Checkmate piece from translucent shatter-resistant Lucite. In fact, Lucite is an acrylic plastic resin. Besides resin, the creators used a thousand vintage watch components, including a 925 silver plaque. The latest depicts a jewel from a mechanical watch gear. They are then molded and polished items to ensure that each chess piece has perfect features.

Each figure comes with matching gloves and a Certificate of Authenticity that includes the serial number.

The limited edition has 999 pieces of each figure. Their prices range from $7,500 – $10,800. You can purchase them on Vay’e’s selling platform



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