Batman golf cart

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart Review

It’s not rare to see Batmobiles that have been customized. We’ve seen go-karts, private automobiles, and other similar vehicles. A Batmobile in golf cart form, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind vehicle. There are just five of these carts available in the world.


This LA Life was the first to post carts pictures. It was amusing and impressive to see a golf buggy with a jet engine and armored plate.


M. Irvin of Marc’s Creature Company designed this cart for movie director Griggs. It is mostly used to go around movie locations. Since then, Marc has made a couple more for an automobile enthusiast, known online by the nickname “Lambo Jesus.”


Irvin used the frame of an EZ-Go Golf Cart. Then he added a sculpted cowl with faux exhaust. An electric go-kart motor provides power for the vehicle, allowing it to reach a peak speed of 38 mph. Moreover, there’s also a 4-link rear suspension with coil-overs and custom-made tires on the back, as well as rear disc brakes.

Leather seats, that can be easily adjusted, a tablet stand, and even hidden switches are among the other elements.

The cart’s price is $17,500. Learn more about the golf cart here.

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