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Balenciaga’s Brass Sneaker Review

Balenciaga’s Brass Sneaker

Are you looking for a present for someone who has everything? You’ve come to the right place. Balenciaga has announced the release of a new sneaker. Actually, it is a silver brass sculpture of the Track 2 model that is only available to the super-rich to use as a decorative item at home.

 “Objects “ collection

This is the first installment in Balenciaga’s “Objects” collection. Truly, the collection is a capsule of “collectible gems and daily goods for use at home or on the go.” Basically, a lot of pretty pricey trinkets. So now you have the opportunity to acquire a  sneaker in perfect shape for the rest of your life.

Size and material

The sculpted piece appears to pay reference to the premium brand’s Track.2 sneaker collection’s popularity. The shoe, which comes in a European size 41, is made up of 16 molded brass components. The creators then bonded them one by one. It’s then palladium-plated to give it a rich shine.

While the sculpture isn’t quite as good as the genuine thing, it does get close to the real item. It is significantly heavier than the ordinary shoe, weighing 2.5 kilograms (5.5 pounds). The sneaker is made entirely by hand in Italy.

Availability and price

This limited edition, of course, ensures exclusivity. There are only 20 items accessible worldwide. Even though this shoe is not suitable for walking, it will make an excellent addition to your home decor. The sculpture costs over six times as much as the original Track. 2sneakers.

Balenciaga’s creation priced at $5,750 is currently available on the brand’s website.



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