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Balenciaga AirPods Case and Ring Phone Holder Review

Balenciaga AirPods Case and Ring Phone Holder

The luxury market is flooded with alternatives for spending more on an AirPods case than the technology itself. However, Balenciaga may have just topped everyone else in terms of the most extravagant item. 


Balenciaga’s latest product, the Glam Earpods Holder makes the act of placing the gadget back into its case an outstanding experience every time.

The Holder comes with a ring phone holder. The accessories’ material is a gleaming, silver-colored brass. Furthermore, they have a stunning assortment of glittering rhinestones decorations. 


The holder has a detachable chain. Also, you can wear it as a little bag. The item snaps together to keep your valuables safe inside. in addition, it has an engraved Balenciaga logo.

Balenciaga branding is also present on the ring phone holder. These accessories have a higher price than the earlier release of the brand –  fluffy pink phone case and holder.


The most extravagant phone ring holder you can buy will set you back $475, while the AirPods case will cost you $1,290. You can purchase both of them online.

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