Back To Retro: Adidas And Gucci's Après-ski Capsule

Back To Retro: Adidas And Gucci’s Après-ski Capsule

Gucci teams up with the reliable partner Adidas for an après-ski collection replete with nostalgic undertones.


The newest Adidas and Gucci collection will fill you with the innocent joy of a child adoring colorful cozy garments. And it’s unquestionably brilliant and recognizable. The ski collection from Gucci and Adidas demonstrates creativity and uniqueness. 

New line

The line represents a radical change for the partnership, full of links to sports. This time ideas came from a skiing vacation rather than other sports where padded jackets and knitted vests dominate.


The collection’s color scheme is what draws attention dramatically. Its elegant vibe is strengthened by the dizzying riot of brilliant and vibrant blue, yellow and deep purplish hues, showing nostalgic retro moods. This brings to mind memories of the 80s lifestyle. You can explore and shop the full ski-wear line here.

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