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Away Travel Carry-On Bag Review

Away Travel Carry-On Bag

The Away startup company designed the ideal bag, with compression chambers, hardshell exteriors, and even a concealed charger for your electronics on the fly.


This bag looks neat and elegant, with a thick, solid exterior, and will never seem out of place being dragged through any metropolis or high-tech airport. The Carry-On, unlike other monochrome bags, comes in a wide variety of colors.


This is basically the ideal carry-on, as it fits in the luggage compartments of most carriers. It holds 39.8 liters in total. Moreover, the innovative inner compression technique expands the load capacity of luxurious cases.

The polycarbonate exterior shell can withstand a beating, yet the gently lined inside and real leather baggage tags and hinge give it a luxurious feel that approves its price tag.

Charger and wheels

In addition, this smart bag can be used to charge phones, e-readers, or any other item with a USB port. It provides enough power to completely charge your device up to four times. Also, thanks to its four 360-degree rotating wheels any movement goes smooth and easy.  


You can buy this amazing item here. The price starts at $225 and depends on the color and size of the item. Away also has a large selection of baggage necessities to fit every traveler and trip.



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