Aurum Crypto Wallet

Aurum Crypto Wallet Review

For anyone who is interested in the crypto market, the transfer of MoonBoys Finance to Aurum was welcome news.

MoonBoys Finance shifted to Aurum in order to ensure the promise of developing new use cases. Aurum Secure Wallet will be the first to go live.

New Features 

This secure wallet is a very special solution that includes a variety of novel features. Now, Aurum plans to release a beta version of the wallet to test different functions.

The wallet will endure numerous stages of beta testing before the full release. This will allow users to examine every aspect of the design and operation. While it possesses the essential functions of any wallet in the initial beta launch, future improvements described in the Aurum wallet’s possibilities will begin to push it beyond its competition.

In fact, it provides two-factor authentication for an additional degree of security, reducing the risk of a hack.

There’s more to enjoy

Users will be able to track the real worth of their activities at any moment.  Real-time price charts and transactions will also be available, allowing users to keep track of particular assets and execute speedy dealings when necessary.

During the beta testing period, the users will be able to test all of the wallet’s functions and submit their feedback. The wallet will be available as a Chrome extension first, followed by an iOS app.

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