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Arcade Machines Review

Arcade Machines

We can’t resist the allure of bashing buttons on standing arcade machines. Once, it was possible to play them in arcade halls all around the globe. Now,  they can be a stunning sight for any room’s interior.

Stand-up arcades

If you have enough room in your home, an arcade machine will not only be a fun gaming gadget, but it will also bring a certain style to your décor. Nowadays,  stand-up arcade machines have finally become inexpensive enough for home gaming, with a wide range of alternatives available for every gamer.

Our choice 

These devices are plentiful on the market nowadays. If you prefer Marvel and Capcom crossover fighting games from the 1990s  Arcade1Up Marvel vs Capcom lets you play them in all their glory. This machine comes with some of the best cabinet art ever. It offers you five of the most renowned fighting game titles, including  Marvel Superheroes and others.

It offers a standard 17-inch screen and controllers for two players. In addition, it also has a special stool with corresponding printed artwork, just like Arcade1Up’s other cabinets. Finally, the manufacturer updated it with Wi-Fi, allowing you to compete against multiple players.

It is available here for $549.99. 



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