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Apple TV Streaming Platform Review and Pricing

Apple TV Streaming Platform


An Apple TV is a streaming media device. It allows you to enjoy your favourite series and movies through streaming options such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus. It essentially transforms your TV into a smart one.

Best for

Those who value privacy, high quality, and like multi-user experience.

Apple values the security of your personal information, which is a major incentive to choose Apple’s streaming devices.HomePod mini doesn’t support Dolby Atmos.
If you have an Apple TV 4K and a HomePod, this system will support Dolby Atmos audioIf you want to watch Apple TV on an Android phone you must use a web browser. Apple’s TV app is not available on any mobile device other than those manufactured by Apple.
The Siri Remote that comes with Apple TV streaming boxes is an extraordinarily powerful navigation device.
The Apple TV provides gift cards for games, products, apps, accessories, music, and a lot more.


Apple TV monthlyApple TV yearlyWith Apple Device
The monthly plan costs $4.99/month after a free 7-day trial.The annual plans cost $49.99 — you save $9.89 compared to the twelve monthly subscriptions.This plan cost is the same as the usual one, however, it includes 3- month free trial.

Additional info

  • To sign up for Apple TV you either need Apple’s TV app or you can use a web browser and sign up at the Apple TV site.
  • Apple TV is linked to your Apple ID, which you also use for iCloud and downloading programs and games from the App Store.
  • There is a wide range of Apple TV streaming boxes available.
  • The best Apple update is its new Siri remote, available for $59.00.
  • Every week, most Apple TV programs release their new episodes.


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