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An Element Of Luxury And Craft – The Balvenie French Oak

An Element Of Luxury And Craft - The Balvenie French Oak

The Balvenie delivered the new Scotch Whisky flavor within its Cask Finishes Range for the first time in ten years. The creators matured it in barrels that had previously contained Pineau wine.


In the history of the distillery, this unique flavor tests the first use of Pineau oak barrels. Pineau is a wine prepared from grape juice with the edition of Cognac spirit.


As a consequence, whisky is characterized by the main flavors of grapefruit and lemon peel. Moreover, the delicate fruity sweetness finishes the impression.

According to the manufacturer, the French Oak’s 16-year maturing process in conventional oak barrels creates its distinctive flavor of rich honey, and its finishing time in Pineau casks results in a silky smoothness with notes of candied citrus, tingling gingery notes, and hints of geranium.

The product range of cask–finished beverages incorporates cask finishing for each expression. Since the last flavor that has been introduced to the lineup in 2013, the Balvenie French Oak is the most recent creation. 

Availability and price

This whiskey has 47.6% ABV. Right now it is available for purchase in the USA. The 750 ml bottle is priced at $174.99.



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