AMBUSH SS22 Jewelry Collection

AMBUSH SS22 Jewelry Collection Review

This year AMBUSH introduced a monochromatic and minimalistic jewelry collection, definitely inspired by industrial motifs.

The company

AMBUSH started as a jewelry line. It showcases cutting-edge pop art-inspired designs that capture a distinct Tokyo feel. The iconic patented pattern, in particular, attracted worldwide media attention. AMBUSH moved towards producing unisex fashion collections.

New collection

The luxury jewelry brand’s collection features a wide range of simple, monochrome, industrial-style jewelry items. A bracelet from safety pins, a pendant that looks like a battery capsule, and various monochrome, shimmering chains are all part of the SS22 line.

A classic lighter case necklace with imprinted 3D brand insignia, a heart padlock necklace in various colors, and much more are included in the collection.

To add some chic

In addition, this collection includes three monochromatic t-shirts. One t-shirt even has chains to fit the industrial style. All three of them have the AMBUSH logo. The one with a  wide turtleneck also features the AMBUSH logo written in katakana.

The items of the SS22 collection are available for purchase, with prices ranging from $200 to nearly $800.

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