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Amber Clock Review

Amber Clock

The time marked by amber clocks will undoubtedly fly pleasantly. Put this amazing decoration in your room, workplace, or bedroom to discover the key to a gorgeous atmosphere. This exquisite desktop clock in a striking hue can liven up any mantel, desk, or counter.

 Behind the brand

Amber & Black Oak Studio combines a strong craft background with a fantastic artistic sense.  Ship replicas,  elegant clocks, and jewelry are among their products, just to name a few. 

The amber clock

A glazed clock, made entirely of Baltic amber is a unique and very beautiful piece.

Such impressive amber objects are a great idea for an original, practical, and classy gift. It will look beautiful both in the office and at home.

It is a great example of completely manual work. To add up, it includes an Italian precise mechanism of exquisite quality. The price is astonishing $9000.

However, this timepiece will make a perfect wedding gift or will become a real pearl of any collection. There are numerous models in different shapes and amber shades, from very light, to dark, mahogany-colored. The elegant amber clock will add character and uniqueness to any interior. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for this product. You can find out more about the item here.



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