All-In-One Sun Protection: Fendi Eyecap

All-In-One Sun Protection: Fendi Eyecap

Presented in the 2021 fashion show, this stylish item immediately became a blast. The baseball cap with sun protection from Fendi is in trend this summer.


The Fendi Eyecap has very special sun protection. To provide UV protection, the hat has an incorporated tinted shield visor. Additionally, owning this accessory you do not have to wear sunglasses.

When not in use, the Fendi Eyecap enables the sunglasses to be slanted up and tucked under the hat’s brim. Also. the glasses has the brand’s insignia.

Materials and colors

The glass gives 100% protection from ultraviolet rays. The cap is made of cotton and has a suede leather trim. The cap is available in two colors: beige and black.


To take good care of the cap glasses wash them with warm water and soap. Use a soft microfiber cloth to dry the glasses, to avoid scratching. When not in use, keep them in their case. The eyecap has a price of $700 and is available on the Fendi official site.

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