“Ailleurs HJ” – Five Magic Worlds From Boucheron

“Ailleurs HJ” – Five Magic Worlds From Boucheron

The new collection of Boucheron House represents the notion of “elsewhere”. The jewelry designed by the creative director reveals the idea of the future connected with the astonishing wonders of nature.


The worlds of mountains, rainforests, and deserts. In this magical journey through imaginable locations, Boucheron contrasted and entwined elements that, at first look, could appear to be incompatible. Here precious stones meet pebbles and charred wood, and platinum combines with meteorites. In this “elsewhere” universe, there is only one law: to showcase nature’s beauty and originality. Boucheron presented five different worlds with imaginary animals and scenes in which any of us can find something appealing.


The entire collection is conditionally divided into five worlds: Sand, Leaf, Pebble, and Earth woman, and the final one – Volcano Man.

The Sand woman line shows off the idyllic desert with its beige color scheme, sun-lit sands, and shadows carved into the dunes. Furthermore, the “Earth woman” line taps on the strength of nature by using natural materials to convey yellow, brown, and clay lively colors. In addition, the Leaf woman set uses all shades of green and other bright colors. The “Pebble woman” set makes use of real white stones, whilst the “Volcano guy” is a traditional white and black color combination.


One of the most standing-out items of the collection,  the Toucan Bracelet has a genuinely distinctive dimension and hue play. Three different hues of citrine that form a multicolored scale make up its powerful beak. The Loup Ring features a wolf wailing at the moon. The white gold, onyx, platinum, and diamonds enhance the authenticity of the animal. You can discover these and many other masterpieces from the collection on the Boucheron website.

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