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Adriatic Coast Awaits: Yacht Glorious

Adriatic Coast Awaits: Yacht Glorious

Onboard the opulent yacht Glorious, discover a brand-new approach to discovering Croatia and its historic ports and picturesque views.

Why Croatia?

Lovers of holidays on a yacht come to Croatia from all over the world. The water here is so clear that you can watch fish at the seabed right from the board. Moreover, the cities here look like the pictures in the book of fairy tales.

We can explain the huge popularity of this country for yachting admirers by numerous reasons. Firstly, there is a vast choice of routes, because Croatia has 1777 km of the Adriatic coast and more than a thousand islands. Secondly, the Croatian coastline is one of the sunniest in Europe and is ideal for relaxing on a yacht, with the possibility of mooring both in civilized marinas with all amenities and in wild lost coves. Finally, you and your family will be able to enjoy the virgin nature, towns with historical architecture, and the fun nightlife of tourist centers.

Yacht Glorious

Elegant Yacht Glorious can accommodate a group of six adults. For kids or additional visitors, she has tiny pullmans available. Everything here has been planned for your maximum enjoyment and relaxation.

You can enjoy breathtaking views of Croatia’s renowned islands and beaches from the spacious salon space on the bow. After that, it is time to have a tasty treat on the aft.

The friendly staff members will make sure you get exceptional service throughout your trip. Not only will your cuisine be freshly made every day, but a professional captain will design the ideal itinerary for you personally!

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