AB6 JetQuad Drone

AB6 JetQuad Drone Review

FusionFlight has released the newest version of the JetQuad. The powerful and compact jet-engine drone with VTOL capabilities will drastically modernize transportation and distribution.


The “AB6 JetQuad” has a 20-liter fuel container that can provide up to 15 minutes of top-speed flying while carrying an 18-kilogram cargo.

In addition, this VTOL drone will be capable of reaching a peak speed of slightly over 400 km/h.


In fact, the drone is very compact. Its four microturbine jet engines provide a total output of 700N. Moreover, it is ready to fly straight out of the box, with no assembly required and a landing footprint of around 1.2m X 0.9m. Finally, the AB6 can operate in dense areas and bad weather since it has no external control surfaces or spinning elements.

Take-off and landing

Thanks to FusionFlight’s revolutionary Thrust-Vectoring System, the AB6 JetQuad can take off vertically. It can also drift accurately at a single point, and flawlessly proceed to a 400km/h vertical flight.

The JetQuad runs on a range of different fuels and has built-in generators to power any cargo on board. You can mount cargo anywhere on the frame. In addition, the unique propulsion system enables for take-off and landing on practically any surface.


This powerful drone is aimed for business and government uses, with a price tag of $100,000. You can learn more about the fantastic gadget here.

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