3 Easy psychology facts that will make your everyday life easier

3 Easy psychology facts that will make your everyday life easier

There are a lot of unpleasant and awkward situations in our everyday lives that can be solved easily with a few psychological tricks, and we are going to show you which and how. 


The main thing that you always must have on your mind is that our way of thinking and perceiving things is mostly influenced by our subconscious. This means that only 20% is something that we are aware of, and 80% are the factors that are influencing our behavior and actions without us noticing it. 


Now, we are going to enlist you 3 psychological facts, that can also be used as tricks to help you in your everyday life:

  • No response is also a response, 

There is that phrase that says that silence is a way of agreeing. That is true, but let say that you didn’t ask a question that requires somebody to agree or disagree with you. If someone is not responding, it is still an answer, and also a quite powerful one. In most cases, that person will be doing it intentionally, even if you think the opposite. But even if it is unintentional it still shows almost the same things such as uninterest and the fact that you are not ranked high on the priority list of that person.

  • Overthinking,

Many studies have shown that the main source of everyone’s problem is him/her himself/herself. It is said that almost 90% of your problem could be very easily solved if you just stop overthinking and calming yourself down. There is a popular technique called the “stop technique”, which is mainly to loudly say STOP when you find yourself tangled in your mind flow.

  • Appear more friendly and confident,

It could always be a little awkward when meeting someone new. To appear more friendly and confident, and avoid that awkwardness, just make a simple comment or note to their eyes’ color. That will give proof of your eye contact which is necessary as a “proof” for the subconscious for friendliness and confidence.


There are of course more to this topic. Such us, for example, if you want to remember someone’s name when meeting him for the first time, just repeat it a few times after his introduction through some basic questions such as “how was your day?”. To find out, even more, you can check here.



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