2 Pack Surge Protector Power Strip Review & Pricing


2 Pack Surge Protector Power Strip is a power strip with 6 outlets and 2 USB ports, alongside long heavy-duty braided extension cords.

Best for

Indoor use and those who need a secure and safe power strip, because of large electricity-consuming devices.

Not for

Outdoor use and for ordinary, and if you need it for low electricity consuming devices, such as mobile charging.

– It has integrated a 15A circuit breaker.
– Posses 2 USB ports.
– Has implemented smart charging technology.
– Slim and compact design.
– There are two versions of this product, one with a 5FT (1.524m) long cord, and the other with a 12FT (3.6576m) long cord.
– Could have issues with round inlets.
– It is quite expensive for a power strip product so it isn’t meant for low electricity-consuming use.


$25.49 per product.$31.44 per product.

Additional info

  • The brand is called Mifaso,
  • It comes in black color and has a maximum surge rating of 900 Joules,
  • Dimensions of the product ate 12.4 x 1.9 x 1.2 inches (30.48cm x 4.826cm x 3.048cm) without cord,
  • It is FCC and ETL listed, and there is an 18-month guarantee for this product.
  • The cord is copper powered,
  • The power strip has 1382F (750 C) heat resistance and flame retardance.

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